True Christian Music

  Many Christians today assume that just because an artist is under a “Christian” label that the music is Christian.  It is very dangerous.  It leads to erosion in doctrine as well.  We must return to music that presents a clear message.  No more using vague pronouns such as he, him, you, etc that don’t identify who is being discussed.  It leads to private interpretation.  Christian lyrics must present doctrine that is consistent with the teaching of the scriptures.

I believe that much of the deception in the music realm stems over the bible version issue.  Christians do not know which bibles to read.  They read corrupt versions and base songs on the corrupt texts.  The doctrinal errors presented in the texts becomes embodied in the songs.  Christians need to study this issue and learn to interpret scripture by scripture.  A good resource is

Christians all too often will listen to secular music that presents messages about how to solve life’s problems the worldly way instead of God’s.  Psychology and new age philosophy is leavening throughout the church.  Christians need to begin to reevaluate the lyrics they listen to in light of the scripture to see whether it contradicts the teaching of the scriptures.

I intend on discussing this issue more in detail as I acquire more knowledge about the subject.


2 responses to “True Christian Music

  1. I agree that much of “Christian” music is really a selling of the Holy Spirit. If our worship is really true worship, how can we turn around and sell it? Also, much of Christian music today is either in a genre that has pagan origin, or has words that are self-centered or fleshly or in some other way offensive to God. Do you have any Christian music based off the KJV? What sort of music do you approve of?

  2. I don’t like heavy metal music. The listen to many genres of music. I like some of the songs that the “mainstream” Christian artists produce. I let the bible be my guide for discerning lyrics. I don’t like songs that use terms from corrupt bible versions. I also don’t like songs that use terms and concepts from psychotherapy. Gail Riplinger has some music available for sell on her website .

    NOTE: While I agree that many “Christian” music is not worship, I also believe that music artists should be able to earn a living from their works.