Sovereign Grace Church of LaGrange, Ga Refuses to Answer Questions About Clergy Response Team, 501c3, 1st Amendment

I contacted an elder, John Gray, about his thoughts on the clergy response team on October 27, 2008.
He never responded. I also contacted both Mr. Gray and the current pastor Clay Williams about heresy of psychotherapy to which neither responded.

A few days ago, I sent the following email to the church (I still have yet to receive a response) :

To Whom It May Concern:

Two years ago, I attempted to persuade Clay Williams, then temporary pastor of Courts of Praise, of the dangers of 501c3 status. He then proceeded to state, using satire, that he knew a church that wouldn’t change its status (implying that he would ensure that the church continued to file as 501c3).

Well, now the IRS is requesting that pro-lifers stop protesting or lose their 501c3 status. I strongly recommend that Sovereign Grace Church reconsider their status as a 501c3 church (unless it already has rejected 501c3).

Please do not ignore my warnings. Criminal elements within the federal government have already declared patriots and freedom loving Christians to be terrorists. This trend will only worsen unless the churches in America wake up. I am also still awaiting a response from Clay Williams about his thoughts concerning FEMA response team. The previous pastor, Dr. Stephen Duke, stated his stance by saying the church would reject federal funds. Will Clay Williams do the same?


Rashad Tatum


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