I am a Christian who believes that believes in adhering to biblical principles in all areas of life (biblical worldview). I strongly support traditional and naturopathic diets and medicine. I am strongly against socialism and communism as they are against liberty. I aspire to be a strong liberty-minded capitalist. I do not tolerate occults and people who try to slaughter the sheep of the body of Christ with their fake versions of Christianity. I am strongly against Roman Catholicism and all false religions. I believe we should return to true Christian fundamentalism. No dispensationalism. One house theology. Resurrection from the dead. Salvation by grace through Jesus Christ. One Lord, one faith, one baptism.


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  1. Amen!!! Lets return to the faith of the scriptures.

  2. David Cronkhite

    Just a correction: John Calvin absolutely did not believe, affirm, or teach baptismal regeneration. Thank you

    • That comment is irrelevant to my About page.

    • You’re wrong. Consider the following quote:

      “So then we must ever come to this point, that the Sacraments are effectual and that they are not trifling signs that vanish away in the air, but that the truth is always matched with them, because God who is faithful shows that he has not ordained anything in vain. And that is the reason why in Baptism we truly receive the forgiveness of sins, we are washed and cleansed with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are renewed by the operation of his Holy Spirit.

      And how so? Does a little water have such power when it is cast upon the head of a child? No. But because it is the will of our Lord Jesus Christ that the water should be a visible sign of his blood and of the Holy Spirit. Therefore baptism has that power and whatsoever is there set forth to the eye is forthwith accomplished in very deed.”

      [John Calvin, Sermons on Deuteronomy, p. 1244.]

  3. David Cronkhite

    Calvin plainly states in the quote, “Does a little water have the power when it is cast upon the head of a child? No.” To take his words out of the context of the doctrine of ‘Faith Alone’ is to misrepresent him. He taught that the promise is to all who persevere in life-long faith, and that regeneration is not necessarily connected in time to the hour of baptism. I think he means here that the sacrament is an existential means of grace in which Christ is present in power to connect the sign to that which is signified. Or another way of saying it is that the Lord is baptising, not man. Calvin affirmed elsewhere that some baptised do indeed fall away. Thus he could not at the same time affirm a crass sort of baptismal regeneration. My sincere apology for commenting on the wrong page.

  4. David Cronkhite

    Mr. Tatum,
    Is it a pure search for truth that compels you to dig out a quote from sermons on Deuteronomy? Why not cite Calvin where he comments directly on NT Baptism texts?
    (Calvin on 1 Pet 3:21) “For Paul did not mean to signify that our cleansing and salvation are accomplished by water or that water contains in itself the power to cleanse, regenerate, and renew; nor that here is the cause of salvation, but only that in this sacrament are received the knowledge and certainty of such gifts. This, the words themselves explain clearly enough. For Paul joins together the Word of life and the baptism of water, as if he had said: ‘Through the gospel a message of our cleansing and sanctification is brought to us; through such baptism the message is sealed.’ ”
    Institutes, book 4, ch. 15, section 2.

  5. Rashad, do you hold to replacement theology?

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